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Network Infrastructure

The modern office is all about communication. From workstation PCs to printers to network storage - business technology is increasingly connected and constantly evolving. Structured networking creates an expandable backbone for today and tomorrow's business requirements while reducing material costs and increasing serviceability.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is an essential set of procedures designed to protect an organization's IT infrastructure after any disruption. Link Established can provide your organization with a comprehensive plan that includes both preventative measures to reduce the risk of failure and corrective measures to ensure the rapid recovery of systems in case of disaster.

Network Security

Security is a top concern in any network. Vulnerabilities can be found at every turn, and can be taken advantage of, resulting in downed network, robbery, and other catastrophic irreversible damage. For increased protection, we can configure any number of encryption protocols, including WPA2 and AES.

Security Cameras

Ensure a protected establishment and keep intruders at bay, with watching eyes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take peace of mind with you anywhere you go on any computer or mobile device, with high quality streaming boasting impeccable definition and virtually unlimited storage for video playback.

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems have taken the business world by storm. Unbeatable quality, crystal clear voice calling and conference calling are just a few of the major upsides to upgrading. The best part? The more than fair pricing and worry-free use. 

POS System Maintenance

A modern Point of Sale system requires a fast, secure and redundant network environment.  We create and execute a plan to maintain the Firewall, Network Switches, POS Server, Workstations and POS Printers; to ensure your restaurant operates with minimal downtime.


Link Established is an IT Solutions Provider specializing in custom network building and application integration. We strive to provide your business with the same enterprise-level technology as the biggest players in your field. Whether your business requires a completely custom solution or integration for your existing applications, our team will deliver the right product at an affordable price. Founded in the heart of Boston's 128 belt, Link Established has been on the cutting edge of custom IT and software solutions for more than a decade. We aim to foster close business relationships with our clients and offer them the very best in terms of capability, efficiency, and value.



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